4 Ways To Support Small Businesses Without Spending Any Money

Many of us personally know a few small business owners or solopreneurs out there. Some of them are most likely women, too! They’re working hard to provide an array of wonderful products and services to the public that make people feel good. You could say I’m doing something similar with the Resilient Women Rise community, too. RWR exists to bring more positivity into this world with informative blogs, conversation on social media, and inspirational merchandise. RWR exists to support YOU.

This post is a reminder of some ways you can support RWR or your sister or your friend in their venture without spending any money (unless you want to!) As you continue reading, think about your favorite local businesses you could help out this holiday season.

I’m sure by now you’ve liked their Facebook page or followed them on Instagram. Social media is a HUGE part of any business’s advertising because of the exponential reach it has. So beyond just liking a friend’s post, try engaging with them by leaving a positive comment on their next post. It’s amazing how often one comment turns into another and then another and YOU could be the person who gets it going!

Social sites like Facebook and Instagram “reward” businesses that get meaningful reactions to their posts or stories. This means the more you engage with their posts, the more views the business’s future posts and stories will get. So that split-second online affirmation you give to your friend, former co-worker, cousin, or sister as she’s building out her empire is truly making a difference for her. Another idea is to tag a friend who would find a specific post funny or someone who you think would love the products that the business sells.

Have you ever heard of the term “social caring”? If you’ve ordered something from a local business or a friend, post a photo with it on your social media channels! Display those candles! Rock that t-shirt! Show off those nails! By posting your support online and tagging the business or your friend, you’re helping advertise their services to all of your personal connections on social media.

By partaking in these simple initiatives, you’re also giving your friends ideas on where to shop this holiday season. It also allows the business owner to re-share the post (if they’re tagged) and the reach of your original post goes even further. Doing this takes barely any effort or time and it really shows the business owner how much they’re appreciated.

Don’t forget to post reviews! Pictures or not, a review from a real person on a business’s Google, Facebook, or Etsy page makes a huge difference for future sales. Buyers typically read reviews before making a purchase so having a bunch of 5-star ratings improves the odds that they will make even more sales. Easy-peasy on your part and it has a huge return for the business!  

If you really want to go above and beyond, connect your friends and family with the business directly if you think they’d like to shop there, too. Send a text to your sister and tell her about the merchandise you got so she can buy something similar for her friends. Or, send a link through Facebook messenger to encourage a friend of yours to check it out. Direct word of mouth is the best advertising there is.

And when you do spend money – because let’s be honest…you WILL be spending money – make it your mission to shop at women-owned businesses if you can. Check out the Resilient Women Rise shop for instance; there are some really cool trinkets that would fit perfectly in your sister’s stocking! 

And another PSA… let’s try to refrain from giving any negative reviews or bashing another person’s business or products online.

If you have constructive criticism or something you’d genuinely like to address, send a private message to the business owner rather than putting them on blast. Chances are they will take good care of you and make sure your problems are resolved ASAP.

Let’s try to remain cheerful and positive this holiday season, okay?!



Lori Larsen

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