Today I am taking a step into something that is uncomfortable and scary for me, but I know it’s the right move because I could not be filled with any more excitement than I am at this moment. Welcome to Resilient Women Rise, a community for women fighting the everyday fight to reach their goals and follow their dreams.

I started this online community as part of my own journey of personal growth because my life was recently turned upside down. After my corporate marketing position was eliminated in May due to COVID and I found myself back at square one, I did not know what to do. My job was my identity. Who was I now? Local companies were not hiring and I could not find a job that I felt I was qualified for. Did not, were not, could not – that was way too many nots all at once, not counting the knots in my stomach…

Since then, I’ve had the last 12 weeks to try to figure out where my life is going. So many questions were running through my mind. What’s next? What skills do I have that are transferable? What kind of career do I even want anymore? What other options are out there? I certainly haven’t found the answers to all of my career questions just yet, but I’m happy to report the knots have seemingly calmed down.

I took some time to acknowledge that this situation IS stressful and my feelings of uncertainty are normal. I took some time to focus on my health by going on daily runs in my neighborhood and listened to podcasts. I thought about who I was as a person, not just as a marketing professional. What I found was inspiring. I am a resilient woman. I am dealing with this career setback, but I know I will rise up on top.

The secret to happiness is found in helping others. That’s really how this community came to fruition. Seriously, there’s something to it. For centuries some of the greatest thinkers have been preaching the same thing. 

I want to spread joy and happiness to other resilient women who are looking for answers or going through hardships. It is my hope that the Resilient Women Rise community will do that for women around the world. I want to inspire women everywhere to rise – the women trying to lose weight, the women trying to build a career, the women trying to figure out how to start their own business, the women trying to get their kids to do their homework. These women (like me) sometimes need encouragement to fight the everyday fight, to keep at it, to persevere. They need to know there are other women out there trying to do the same things they’re doing. They need assurance from other like-minded women that their goals and aspirations are achievable. And sometimes they need advice on how to keep going. I envision this place being exactly that.

This site will serve as the home base for ideas to lift each other up and inspire you to do the thing. I’m going to keep writing blogs about things I’ve learned through my years of professional experiences and my service to others. I’m also going to put the spotlight on some really admirable women that have risen to the top and done things you aspire to do too, or have done yourself. These are real women who have done the thing that we all want to do, too. Get excited! The Resilient Women Rise social media channels will serve as the place for women to share their struggles and their achievements with one another.

Start conversations. Be daring. Celebrate. Do all the things. 

I’m going to use this community to show up, inspire and spread courage for other women because I enjoy it and it’s the right thing to do. If you feel the same way…if you want to support other women – your sisters, your cousins, your colleagues, the women in your building, the women across the state or the women in this online community – stay tuned. Sign up for my newsletter, follow Resilient Women Rise on social media, and don’t forget to read the blogs. Please join me on this journey!


Lori Larsen

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