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January 2022 Vision Board Workshop

Resilient Women Rise is hosting an exclusive vision board workshop to give you the tools to breathe life into your goals for the new year with a fun group of people. Read on to learn all about what vision boards are and why you should join the workshop! What is a vision board? A vision […]

What Are You Craving?

Take a look at our list of speakers and vendors:  Speakers:  Becky Dozeman, Her Best Yes of Thrive Collective  Mandi Kelso, Aspire Women’s Health  Nikki Thompson Frazier, Sweet Encounter Kids Culinary Academy  Jordan Oiler, Prosper Financial Coaching  Lori Bull, Easy Organizing Solutions Trienne Topp, Be That Create That You don’t want to miss the first […]

Be Brave Enough To Suck At Something New

I’m sure you’ve seen this quote somewhere on the internet….Swiping through your Facebook feed, scrolling through pinterest, that sort of thing. But have you ever stopped to think how it relates to your own life?  Think about it. No one is born an expert at anything. Babies have to learn how to eat, talk, walk, […]