“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” 

This famous saying is something I’m sure many of us have heard before, but how do you translate that to your own life? 

For some, it could mean sleeping in until noon, going to the local beer garden with friends, or taking the dog out to the trail for a long hike. For others, it could mean a visit to grandma’s house or a true 3-course family dinner around the dining room table. Whatever it means to you, just make sure you’re doing something that will put you in a positive mental state and truly support your upcoming week

For me, my Sunday ritual has looked a little different lately than what it used to a few months ago. I’m sure that’s true for a lot of you, too. I used to religiously meal prep a week’s worth of lunches for myself and if I was on point, a dinner or two. It was a crucial activity for me to feel prepared for the week ahead. Plus, I enjoy eating unprocessed, home cooked food so lunches packed with goodness to fuel me up every day was exciting. I’m not going to lie, I would feel super proud of my budget-friendly and health-conscious decision. 

In the last few months my Sundays weren’t as rigorous in preparing for the week ahead since I’ve been unemployed. (Thanks, COVID!) My schedule just wasn’t as firm anymore. Plus, I had the time during the day to enjoy being in the kitchen come mealtime and make my lunch salad “from scratch”. I do have to say, Sundays for me still mean a nice clean kitchen, laundry put away and the floors swept and vacuumed. (Yes, this stuff puts me in a really good mood.) 

After putting my plans together to create this online community for us, I knew I needed to get back into some type of routine to keep me focused. So, of course I started with Sundays. 

Like I said earlier, I still use Sundays to clean the house, which mentally prepares me for a new week ahead. But I also prep my work station. I can only imagine like many of you, that happens to be my kitchen table. I set my laptop out along with my agenda, a pen and a coaster for my water. I also usually place out whatever book I’m currently reading to remind me to pick it up! I go through my agenda, mark who I need to follow up with and write down my goals for the week. This ritual can take all of 5 minutes. Guys, really. Maybe 10 if I try to set goals for ALL aspects of my life (meals, workouts, water intake, etc.) but it isn’t rocket science. It’s just become a habit for me now.

Sunday well spent_work station kitchen table_resilient women rise

Sunday Well spent_workout clothes_resilient women rise

The other crucial Sunday ritual for me is to put together a workout outfit for Monday morning. I get it ALL ready so it’s impossible to miss the following day and gives me a little bit of that #MondayMotivation to #NeverMissAMonday.

Whatever your Sunday ritual may be, I really do recommend dedicating a little time to prepping for the week ahead. Prepare your coffee, set out your clothes, give yourself a manicure, clean the litter box, or look at your calendar. Then, during the week, you’ll feel a little less pressure riding on your shoulders for some of those mundane tasks you already prepped for. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to free up some time during the week for something spur of the moment or something you never gave yourself time to enjoy doing before. If nothing else, you’ll at least feel a little better about waking up on Monday mornings because of the little extra effort you put forth the day before. Here’s to hoping your week ahead is magical! 


Lori Larsen

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