Here at Resilient Women Rise, this one-woman show has a lot going on.

I started the RWR community for career-driven women like me to come together and discuss their pains, highlight their achievements, and guide one another to find success. Why? Because I needed that. I needed a safe place to talk about my fears and my dreams. I needed the encouragement to try something new – to better my situation – to go out on my own. And that is exactly what I’m doing with my consulting business. 

I oversee the RWR community social media accounts and continue to write blogs that cover personal development, health and wellness, career advancement opportunities, women entrepreneur stories, and more to inspire women everywhere. I also do business consulting for small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs. I started consulting because I have a passion for helping others – and sometimes – torturing myself. 

Being a solopreneur, a business owner, a consultant – whatever you want to call it…is hard work! It’s stressful. It’s anxiety-ridden. But…it’s also A LOT of fun. Your task list could look different every day. You juggle projects and you stay up late researching and you doubt yourself (sometimes a lot), but it’s really, really fun being in control of your destiny and knowing you had a hand in someone else’s hard-earned success. There’s just something about it. 

My job as a consultant is to support and empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow. They are hard-working people with a ton on their plate and I get to help them by providing them services they can’t do themselves or simply don’t have the time for. My can-do attitude coupled with my knack for accessing a situation and my ability to see the bigger picture allows them to focus on their day-to-day task list. From email marketing and social media content to form-building and proofreading, I enjoy doing it all. I love transforming a person’s ideas into something tangible and worthy. 

I am capable of doing a variety of tasks, thanks to my career history and having to wear so many hats. From managing events to editing instructional manuals, to launching new brands – I’ve had my hand in a little bit of everything. 

This means all of my service packages are completely customizable and personalized based on what you need. Everyone is different, which means every proposal package is different. I provide a personalized experience every time. 

Let me help you craft a strategy to get your business noticed! 

You can see a full list of services that I am confident in performing on the website here. If you want to discuss other ideas, send me an email through the link below! 

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