How I’m Easing Into 2023

I’m moving into 2023 after being sick for 10 days straight and I don’t think I’ve been ill like this since the 11th grade. Seriously! Is my body telling me something? 

With that being said, I haven’t set any New Years’ resolutions this year. I’ve actually seen quite a bit of pushback against doing so from other women in the community. So if you haven’t set goals or resolutions, don’t feel like you’re behind in some way.

Maybe you don’t want to set big goals just yet, but you’re still craving some sense of guidance or structure for the next few months. I feel like this is where I fall in. I want to move towards goals with intention, rather than rushing simply just to get them done. 

In my mind GOALS translates into HUSTLE. And I’m frankly tired of always pushing for the next thing. I want to take things slower this time around and ease into 2023 with flexible expectations. Continue reading to find out what I have in store.

For the time being, I’m using words of the year as my anchor to help bring focus and clarity to what I could use more of in my life. 

While I reflected on the past year some of the questions that came to mind were:

  • What could I do without in my life? What could I use more of in my life? 
  • What characteristics would I like to have? 
  • Are there characteristics I could improve? 
  • How do I want to feel (at the end of each day)?

The words I’ve chosen are: 




At first, these words kind of scared me, but I thought that must mean I’m on the right track because everyone knows change isn’t easy. At the same time, these words bring a sense of peace and empowerment to me. I’m going to try to embed these words into my everyday routine. 

I am going to incorporate movement into every aspect of my life. The word movement will remind me to keep my mind and body sharp! I can accomplish this through exercise to keep my body in tip-top shape. I can also choose to dance more, go hiking more, or pick up a new hobby to liven things up. I will exercise or move my mind more too, by choosing to read more, meditate, and play games with my husband. There are so many ways I can begin to incorporate movement into my life this year. 

To honor the word grace, I will learn to give myself grace when I make a mistake or need to rest. I will use this word in 2023 to show myself the same grace I would show my friends or family when they confide in me about their problems or concerns. 

Finally, I am going to live each day with intention through my daily thoughts and actions. I will keep my goals at the forefront when making decisions. I am going to pay more attention to my decisions so I can actively live my life with purpose and do truly incredible things. You just watch! 

Tell us your words of the year for the new year on Facebook! I’d love to hear them as I’m sure the rest of the Resilient Women Rise community would, too. 🙂